The power of .NET Framework, with the flexibility and support of open source

The .NET Framework is one of the best frameworks for building applications, but it only allows developers to build applications for the Windows platform. Now with the launch of .NET Core, we can help you build applications for Windows, Mac and Linux using the same code. It is an open source framework supported by Microsoft.

ASP.NET Core apps can run on .NET Core or on the .NET Framework. It can be used to build cloud-based connected applications, IoT apps, web apps and mobile backends.

At Softweb Solutions, we already have over a decade of experience in building .NET based software systems. Now with the launch of .NET Core, our ASP.NET Core MVC developers can help you build cross-platform applications at a lower cost.

.NET Core supports four cross-platform scenarios:

  • ASP.NET Core web apps
  • Command-line apps
  • Libraries
  • Universal Windows Platform apps

.NET Core helps you build cloud-based internet connected applications such as web apps, IoT apps and mobile back ends.

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.NET Framework vs. .NET Core vs. Xamarin

.NET Framework vs. .NET Core vs. Xamarin

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Why you should use .NET Core for app development

  • Optimum usage of resources: .NET Core allows you to run a lot of services and web applications in the same unit of servers or VMs in the cloud.
  • Open Source: All sources for ASP.NET Core 1.0 packages can be found on GitHub.
  • Modularity: .NET developers have the ability to pick and choose which ASP.NET features to include in their solutions.
  • Dependency Injection and Middleware: Dependency Injection is now integrated into the framework.
  • Developer Productivity: It has its own lightweight web server, Kestrel, with ASP.NET.
  • Cross-Platform: Developers who want to use macOS or Linux for app development without giving up on .NET can do so now with .NET Core.
  • Command line style development: .NET Core enables programmers to develop apps for Mac, Linux or Windows using just command line tools.
  • Microservices architecture: .NET Core is ideal for building a microservices oriented system since it is lightweight and works with multiple platforms.
  • Containers: The lightweight nature and modular capabilities of .NET Core makes it ideal for containers. Because of .NET Core’s cross-platform capabilities, you can deploy server apps to both Windows and Linux containers.
  • Scalable systems: If you have hundreds of microservices running, ASP.NET Core allows you to run your system with fewer servers or virtual machines compared to other alternatives.
  • Supports side-by-side .NET versions: This capability is useful if you want to install apps which run on different versions of the .NET frameworks.
  • Supports many databases: .NET Core supports ORM databases, relational databases and NoSQL databases.


Softweb Solutions is a Microsoft Certified Partner and has extensive experience in all .NET related skillsets. The company started as a .NET services company and today provides end-to-end software services across various industries. But .NET projects are still at the heart of the company. Our developers have carried out several enterprise application development projects, integrations, and legacy application migration projects. This makes us the ideal partner for .NET Core web app development.

  • 100,000+ hours of development experience
  • 100+ .NET developers with experience in C#, F# and Visual Basic
  • 500+ businesses transformed
  • Microsoft Certified Partner and Azure IoT Partner
  • 3,000+ web services deployed
  • MCSE and MCP certifications
  • 12+ years in operation
  • Knowledge of CI, Agile and DevOps methodologies


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