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The next technological evolution

In this new and fast-changing world, the metaverse is bringing a digital revolution. Are you ready to enter a spectrum of digitally enhanced worlds? Organizations today are embarking on a metaverse journey to drive business transformation. At Softweb Solutions, we offer metaverse consulting services to companies, enabling them to make their digital dream come true. Also, our metaverse development services are encouraging them to open up infinite possibilities in a virtual environment.


At Softweb Solutions, we will help you define the actionable roadmap for your Metaverse project from research and development. Our team of professionals will also help you devise a robust Metaverse transition strategy for your existing projects.

Digital assets

The metaverse is a virtual representation of physical products in the form of a digital object or asset. We help companies to design, build and operate digital objects in the metaverse, including:

  • Digital avatars and their identities
  • NFT marketplaces and wallets
  • Documents, audio, videos
  • Landscape designs, interiors, etc.

3D virtual spaces

Metaverse can help enterprises create their own virtual reality. We help companies expand the applications of their metaverse projects with our 3D space design and development services, including:

  • Effective 3D mapping and modeling
  • Virtual 3D data-driven graphics
  • 3D sequences, scenes and entities
  • Detail-oriented 3D visualizations

Metaverse applications

Metaverse applications with an intuitive user interface bring physical elements to life in the virtual world. With our blockchain proficiency, we help enterprises build user-friendly, enterprise-ready metaverse apps rendering:

  • Virtual tours of properties
  • Payment processing capability
  • Immersive training experience
  • 3D shopping and gaming


Metaverse offers a realistic gaming experience to users. With deep expertise in AR/VR, blockchain and AI, we help companies to build 2D/3D digital art designs and animations to provide them with:

  • A better immersive experience
  • Enhanced virtual learning
  • Greater accessibility
  • Decentralized platforms


At Softweb Solutions, we will help you build sophisticated blockchain-enabled financial ecosystems. Our experts will assist you to integrate traditional payment processing systems with your existing metaverse project.

Crypto consulting and development

Utilizing blockchain technologies, companies can create a virtual financial environment in the metaverse. We help businesses build comprehensive crypto monetary services, including:

  • Crypto gateways and wallets
  • NFT tokens and cryptocurrencies
  • Decentralized financial platforms
  • Centralized digital money like credit cards

Security Token Offerings (STO)

Security token offerings enable modern enterprises to automate and execute real-time asset distribution. We provide extensive Security Token Offering (STO) development services to modern enterprises, including:

  • Token ecosystem development
  • DeFi infrastructure development
  • MVP development
  • Management dashboards

Smart contracts

In the digital-first era, blockchain-based smart contracts and audits are crucial to bolstering complex business procedures. We offer a suite of smart contract services like:

  • Smart contract optimization
  • Decentralized application development (dApp)
  • Smart contract development
  • Smart contract audit

Traditional payment integrations

In the metaverse world, integrating legacy traditional finance payment systems like credit/debit cards with the virtual world is crucial. We provide sophisticated financial payment integration services, including:

  • Debit card integration
  • Credit card integration
  • E-wallets integration
  • Online payment gateway integration

Metaverse integration and security

At Softweb Solutions, we will help you secure your metaverse project. Our team of blockchain experts can help you deliver an immersive experience with advanced security and resilience.

Multi-user experience

Multi-user experience that allows users to interact with others in the metaverse needs to be protected. We help enterprises secure their high traffic multi-user metaverse platform and improve interoperability, including:

  • User control over the environment
  • Congestion control
  • Adaptive traffic management
  • Network traffic control

API integration

To unlock the full potential of metaverse, enterprises are now integrating APIs with their metaverse project. With cutting-edge metaverse integration services, we assist organizations to integrate necessary APIs and enhance the functionality of the platform, including:

  • APIs and gateways integration
  • Architecture mapping
  • Parallel computation
  • 3D acceleration

Bring your vision to life!

Metaverse can bring you endless possibilities. With countless opportunities awaiting you, it would be our pleasure to discuss what we can bring to the table.

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