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Field Alpha is Softweb Solutions’ augmented reality based field service application that can be used with any of the popular AR headsets or even with tablets and smartphones.

The application gives field technicians the ability to have two-way video or audio communication, get AR annotations on their tablets, and enables real-time collaboration between them and the subject matter experts sitting in remote offices.

AR app for Field Technicians

Field Alpha for field technicians

Technicians get the ability to carry out hands-free visual collaboration while working on machines. The instructions a field technician receives from the SME are superimposed on his device’s field of view. Field engineers will be able to see overlays describing equipment status (pressures, temperature, etc.) as they move around the location when they use Field Alpha.

Augmented Reality app

Field Alpha for subject matter experts

SMEs can annotate and add 3D graphics to the technician’s AR headset or tablet. This helps the SME deliver real-time instruction to the technician. Field Alpha helps subject matter experts carry out knowledge transfer and share best practices. This can be done whether the technicians are in the field or in the classroom.



The solutions has integrated AI capabilities that enable automate invoicing, in-field inventory prediction and allow monitoring of field technician's efficiency matrix. The solution allocates repair job tickets automatically based on various parameters such as the history, skills, location, priority, tools, and availability. Built-in predictive analytics sends a notification to the customer and schedule a repair in advance.

Benefits of using Field Alpha

  • Maximize machine uptime
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Enable remote diagnostics
  • Reduce knowledge gaps
  • Better knowledge transfer

Field Alpha Features

  • Remote

    The field operations staff that needs help can stream what they’re seeing in real-time to the SME located offsite and ask him for advice.

  • Integration with
    SCADA/ existing systems

    The field service engineer can put in the serial number of the equipment through voice commands in order to get details about it as well as put in job work orders.

  • Display real time
    data of equipment

    The field service engineer can view real time data of the equipment based on the voice command provided by the user.

  • Access to

    The technician can view all the tasks related to the job work order, watch tutorials and even get real-time data from the back-end system.

  • Equipment
    location track

    The engineer can easily navigate to find out the location of any particular equipment which requires maintenance in a plant where numerous pieces of equipment are installed.

  • Instant access to past
    maintenance records

    If the field service technician needs to access the previous work done on the equipment, all he has to do is quickly pull up the records on his headset.

  • Training simulations for
    field engineers

    Field Alpha can be leveraged to carry out AR simulations of hazardous conditions. Your field engineers can be trained without them having to risk their lives or expensive equipment.

  • Product assembly
    & disassembly

    Different products can be viewed in 3D in order to observe their assembly & disassembly process. This helps in repairing faulty parts quickly.

  • 3D object

    Field service technicians can identify the objects by scanning through a barcode and fetch its information just in front of their headset.



Augmented Reality - Unleashing innovation in field service

For any enterprise, whether medium or large, field service is a vital component of customer service.

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Field Alpha – Works for all industries

  • AR app for Automotive
  • AR app for Manufacturing
  • AR app for Aerospace
  • AR app for Utilities
  • AR app for Agriculture
  • AR app for Telecom
  • AR app for Logistics
  • AR app for Oil & Gas
    Oil & Gas
  • AR app for Energy

About Field Alpha

Field Alpha is an application from Softweb Solutions that gives field service technicians the ability to collaborate with experts, enable knowledge transfer and get the right information at the right time leading to increased technician productivity.

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