Let your data present you with high value predictive business outcomes using our Data Platform

Businesses thrive to reduce the learning curve and accelerate the adoption of data intelligence in their organization. With our platform as a service, it becomes easy to leverage an entire data ecosystem. Our best-in-breed data platform ensures data consistency and high-level workflows that ultimately lead to higher productivity of the organization.

Our uniquely developed data platform eases the woes of data analysts, data scientists, and business professionals by simplifying their tasks and letting them focus on turning data into actionable intelligence instead of handling clusters.


Softweb Intelligence and Analytics platform, or SIA, is opening new doors of opportunities for businesses to make more data-driven decisions at higher accuracy rates, completely changing the way that businesses operate.

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Easily store, process, prepare, and analyze data to achieve profitable business outcomes with SIA. With better model training performance and increased accuracy, we deliver the desired data-driven results.

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