Quick IoT Survey

Submit your survey responses to know where you stand in your IoT journey

  1. 1.
    Which industry best describes your organization? Choose only one.
    • Manufacturing
    • Healthcare
    • Retail
    • Utilities
    • Government
    • Public safety
    • Other
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  2. 2.
    Does your company already use IoT in any way? Choose only one.
    • Yes, through managed IoT provider
    • Yes, through our internal team
    • No
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  3. 3.
    Do you use cloud services? Choose only one.
    • No, and we are not interested
    • No, but we are interested
    • Yes, for a few or most business processes/ products/ services
    • Yes, for all business processes/ products/ services
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  4. 4.
    Do you have trained IoT resources? Choose only one.
    • No, we do not have trained IoT resources
    • No, but IoT training has already been planned
    • No, but we are hiring IoT experts
    • Yes, we have trained IoT resources
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  5. 5.
    What is the top benefit of IoT according to you? Choose only one.
    • Accelerating time to market
    • ROI
    • Boosting revenue
    • Predictive maintenance
    • Asset tracking and monitoring
    • Gaining data for AI
    • Minimizing downtime
    • None
    • Other
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  6. 6.
    What are your top barriers to adopting IoT? Check all that apply.
    • Security risks
    • Concerns about compliance
    • Incompatible architecture
    • Challenge of storing and organizing data
    • Lack of data science expertise
    • Lack of insight into deployment requirements
    • Doesn’t fit our current business model
    • None
    • Other
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  7. 7.
    What data analytics are you using currently? Check all that apply.
    • Business Intelligence
    • Descriptive Analytics
    • Predictive Analytics
    • Prescriptive Analytics
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • None
    • Other
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  8. 8.
    Which areas of your business can be enhanced using IoT?
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  9. 9.
    What sort of IoT projects are running in your company currently?
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