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SharePoint Web Parts Customization Services

Web Parts are the building blocks of pages that appear on a SharePoint site. SharePoint Portal Server offers developers the flexibility to create custom Web Parts to integrate complex custom functionality. Using Web Parts, we can modify the content, appearance, and behavior of pages of a SharePoint site by using a browser. Typically, customized Web Parts are used by organizations to create a common functionality for a specific organization or project. SharePoint Server provides several properties by default for Web Parts customization. However, developers can also create customized properties that suit organization requirement and improve the appearance and behavior of Web Parts.

Custom Web Parts provide an easy and powerful way to extend site features with the help of SharePoint services. It allows you to expand SharePoint beyond out of the box capabilities. You can get new wikis, blogs, taxonomy, and a much slicker user experience across the board using SharePoint.

Why SharePoint?

  • Easy access to current information, real-time status updates, and collaboration with co-workers
  • Offers enhancements to drive productivity
  • Scalable unified infrastructure
  • Improves workflow and reduces costs through centralized access
  • Connects seamlessly with Microsoft applications and third party products
  • Eliminates redundant solution costs, as it is easier to work with Microsoft Unified Communications CRM and ERP

A SharePoint Web Part that utilizes the following features:

  • User Controls
  • Customization of Backend Code
  • Custom Web Part Properties
  • Custom EditorPart(s) Properties
  • Accessing SharePoint Data within the Web Part

At Softweb Solutions, we are committed to providing professional and efficient technical support for our client organizations. Our Web Part development services help clients accelerate portal development and make it user-friendly. We offer several different customizable options designed to meet your business needs. A Web part that is operational and meaningful. The sky’s the limit as to what we can do with this Web part as your base.

Contact us at info@softwebsolutions.com and get solutions for all your project needs.

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