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With the passing of the time, the GUI (Graphical User Interface) has become as essential part of developing any web applications. Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) are advanced presentation systems that allow developers to create visually appealing Windows applications. Softweb offers excellent WCF and WPF services that enable your business to get acme of success by increasing sales and generating more profit.

WPF incorporates several application development features including 2-D and 3-D graphics, animation, styles, templates, Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML), controls, documents, layout, data binding, media, typography, and text. Additionally, WPF is embedded in the Microsoft .NET Framework, which allows users to include other components of the.NET Framework class library.


Our WPF/WCF Development Services

  • RIA with WPF
  • User Interface design and WPF application
  • WPF application development
  • WCF/WPF application development
  • Customized WPF data grid and WCF applications
  • WCF/WPF development services and consultation
  • Integrating audio and video with Windows media streaming
  • Integrating WPF functionality for greater interactivity
  • Support WPF/WCF Integration

The major features of WCF are:

  • Transports and Encodings: Messages can be converted into binary text, which allows efficient sending of messages.
  • Reliable and Streamlined: Messages can be sent using WS-Reliable Messaging and MSMQ.
  • Service Alignment:  Allows application created on any platform to connect to any service
  • Best Security: To implement high-level security, SSL or WS-Secure Conversation is used.
  • AJAX and REST Support: WCF is an ideal platform for ASP.NET AJAX and plain REST Services.
  • Multiple Patterns for Messaging: Exchange the messages in a most popular way and in different patterns.
  • Unharmed by any disturbance: While communication the messages are not altered and it is exclusively saved in database.
  • Web Service Interoperability: Provides an ability of making systems and organizations to work together.
  • Metadata: WCF uses different formats like SDL, XML Schema, and WS-Policy for publishing metadata.

The major features of WPF are:

  • Graphics: The WPF combines both control and graphics. It has a ViewPort 3D element that receives an object, light sources, and camera view (for angle adjustment) to display the view in a 3D WPF window. In addition, in WPF basic controls like Button can be viewed in 2D graphics.
  • Data Binding: The WPF data-binding framework helps users synchronize data source and the UI element.
  • Declarative Programming: Declarative Programming, a key advancement in the new technology, helps users instruct what they want the system to do rather than listing the set of operations the system must execute to accomplish the goal.
  • Screen Resolution: The WPF interface runs well on a low-resolution screen. It is supported by the DirectX components, which enables vector-based graphics responsible for the elegant appearance.

Why Softweb Solutions for WPF/WCF

  • Wide Experience: Solid experience in projects of different complexity and scope empowers us to adapt quickly to your requirements.
  • Refined User Experience: Being a Microsoft Certified Partner, with WPF, we create a very refined user experience on Windows.
  • Technology Expertise: We also have proven our expertise in Microsoft Silverlight, a web-based subset of WPF.
  • Interactive Presentation: We understand the importance of GUI and so deliver very interactive and creative applications using Windows Presentation Foundation.
  • Customization: We also customize WCF Services in SharePoint to offer services that are more effective to our clients.
  • Development Experts: We have a pool of expert developers who will deliver a very interactive and attractive user interface using Windows Foundation Presentation.
  • Exciting Solutions: We have developed WPF applications using tools like Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft Visual Studio Express.

Softweb Solutions, a specialized provider of software development and support services, offers customized and on-time WPF/WCF services.

Contact us at if you are looking for an expert who can build windows user interfaces for you and rapidly build service-oriented applications.

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