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Softweb Solutions has solutions for the utilities sector that allow enhanced connectivity and increased productivity. Our solutions can help utility companies in their daily field work and in increasing the efficiency of their plant operations.

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We have IT solutions that can be quickly implemented in the organization and provide you with immediate increases in productivity. Whether you need an end-to-end IT system, legacy migration services or mobile apps to increase your utility’s productivity, Softweb Solutions can provide you with the right technologies.

  1. Field services management –Provide your field technicians with our field services app so that they can access customer information and achieve faster turnaround time. They will no longer have to come to the office to pick up work orders. Dispatching and scheduling orders is easier and work order management is easy.
  2. Document management systems –Utilities need to maintain detailed records and also be able to provide access to it to employees when they are on the move. Our solutions for document management also include mobile apps. This gives your employees the ability to access critical information anytime and anywhere.
  3. Authorization systems –Security is a major concern for all utilities. Softweb Solutions has developed authorization systems using which only the employees with the right security clearances can access data. This ensures that the users accessing your database are actual employees and reduces the risk of security breaches.
  4. Inventory management systems –Keeping track of all your equipment is now easier with Softweb’s inventory management systems. We also provide mobile apps meant for carrying out real-time transaction processing and tracking.
  5. Office automation systems –We also have several other apps that can fulfill your office automation requirements. Our forms and reference apps allow for easy collection of data, managing all your accounts and generating reports for better insight. Our human resources apps can help you keep track of time-sheets, expense reports and recruiting. You can also get business intelligence solutions that provide you with real-time data and data visualization tools.
  6. We also have several other IT solutions for organizations. Learn more


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