SQL Server Analysis Services

Different features of Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server is packed with so many different components that finding the time to discover what is included as well as finding the time to learn about these different features are often a challenge for any enterprise. The problem with a relational database is that the data is just sitting there waiting for you to do something with it. You can write queries, reports or tie your application to the database, but understanding the data takes a lot more work than just doing these things. SQL Server is as great as a relational engine, but there are two other parts of SQL Server that offer a wealth of functionality, automation, and insight into your data. Microsoft SQL Server Analysis tool is one of them.

How to define, create, and utilize Analysis Services:

  • Define a Data Source
  • Deploying a Cube
  • Modifying Measures, Attributes and Hierarchies
  • Define Attribute and Dimension Properties
  • Relationships Between Dimensions and Measure Groups
  • Defining Calculations
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Actions
  • Perspectives and Translations
  • Administrative Role
  • SQL Server Analysis Services

It sets a new standard for business intelligence servers in enterprise scalability, manageability, and productivity. This feature rich tool set offers insight into your data that you know exists but doesn't have an easy way of accessing. By writing queries and reports you can get the sense of certain things that you are looking for, but by utilizing Analysis Services you have the ease of manipulation through your data with much less efforts.

Better Insight in Real Time

This gives you better insight to areas that are often overlooked or not even thought about. Thus, SQL Server Analysis services increase developer productivity as a convenience of using a single tool in the form of Business Intelligence throughout the entire development lifecycle. It also detects the design flaws and notifies automatically, and accelerates development process.

It is a part of SQL-server database management system. It gives a unified and integrated view of data. It integrates services such as OLAP, KPI and data mining. Being a Microsoft Partner, Software Solutions is one of the leading companies in SQL Server Analysis Services. We provide a range of services for SQL Server Analysis Services with the support of our highly experienced Business Intelligence Architects.

The services provided by us in SQL Server Analysis are:

  • Data Mart
  • Decision Support System (DSS)
  • Dimensional Modeling
  • BI system designing
  • MDX consulting
  • Maintenance and support Service

Do contact Softweb Solutions at info@softwebsolutions.com if you are looking for SQL Server Analysis services for your Microsoft SQL Server.

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MS SQL Server Analysis Services

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