Rhoelements Mobile Application Development

True Cross-Platform Application Development Framework for Enterprises

RhoElements provides a modern HTML5/advanced JavaScript/CSS application framework for high performance web based applications. With this framework, developers can work within the most familiar HTML5 framework as well as with JavaScript and CSS. It also supports HTML5 features like app caching, web storage, and network utilization optimization.

This web based application framework was launched by Motorola and later it also acquired RhoMobile – cross platform mobile app development platform. But all RhoMobile products can be sold and supported globally. RhoElements is specifically designed to allow businesses to quickly and cost-effectively develop and deploy web based apps on Windows Mobile and Win-CE mobile computers.

Softweb Solutions have a professional team that can handle any kind of application development project and can persuade RhoElements framework to any kind of requirements of clients.

Benefits of RhoElements Framework

  • RhoElements Mobile Application Development
  • RhoElements Application Deployment
  • RhoElements Application Support and Maintenance
  • RhoElements Application Migration

Services of RhoElements Framework

Supports Multiple Devices

RhoElements apps are device independent for supported mobile computer technology and it will run on most of the Motorola mobile computers.

Supports Multiple OS

Application once created and operated on Motorola Mobile computers, it will then also support non-Motorola devices and other Operating Systems.

Enhanced Performance

RhoElements framework offers latest development tools and enhanced features, which enables developers to build apps that perform amazing.

Provides full control over designing the application

This framework frees developers from OS rules and allows them to create graphical UI that enhances mobile business processes.

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With RhoElements you can build native apps on any mobile device.

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