Save your own data and keep it secure with Power BI Premium EM

Data security is among the top most concerns for companies of every nature. With the prevalence of technology and the rise of Internet-based devices and applications, data has single-handedly become the most crucial entity for any organization.

This has resulted in the release of a plethora of data-oriented tools that are designed to help users with data management and analysis, and in that regard, since its inception in 2014, Microsoft Power BI has grown into one of the most sought after data visualization tools in the market.

As is generally well-known, all the data used in Power BI is stored and processed in Microsoft Azure. Though not undermining their security, in general, the cloud has its proponents with a host of benefits, but it also has a fair number of detractors with issues like dependency, latency, and most of all, security.

Case Study

Real-time data transformed into insightful reports and visualizations through Power BI

Softweb Solutions helped Bartz Viviano Flowers & Gifts Inc to implement Microsoft Power BI and created dashboards that provide the insights and real-time self-services capabilities


Not all companies want their data on the cloud for numerous reasons as mentioned above, but they still need the enterprise-grade analytical capabilities provided by tools like Power BI. And with each passing update, Microsoft aims to better their offerings according to what their customers want.

There are many versions of Power BI for various users. These are the latest offerings for analysts, industries, enterprises and developers:

  •  Power BI Premium – EM SKU
  •  Power BI Pro – P SKU
  •  Power BI Embedded – A SKU

At the time of writing this blog, Microsoft has released three SKUs (EM1/2/3) out of which only EM3 can be purchased through Office 365 monthly, while the others are available through Microsoft Volume Licensing. This post talks about the EM SKU.

EM stands for embedding, which basically means that users can share Power BI reports within their organizations by way of content embedding, while you get full control of all your data with the on-premises setup offered by Power BI where you can select the virtual cores, memory (RAM) and peak renders / hour that you need.

While embedding reports into applications is a prevalent feature, the EM SKU allows you to embed those reports in SaaS applications like SharePoint and Teams. The ideal implementation of the EM SKUs would be for companies that have few data analysts or power users, but still need to share the reports with a broader audience. The question you need to ask yourself is whether you need a business application or a set of APIs.

Choosing the right Power BI license is like looking for a needle in a haystack. There are tons of options depending on your needs and the process can get overwhelming. Fortunately, we are here to help. With expertise in Power BI Desktop and Power BI integration services, Softweb Solutions provides incomparable data visualization and analytics. Our Power BI services enable clients with adept and easy decision-making process.

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Manage your on Premise Data with Security using Power Bi Premium EM
Know how Power BI Premium EM can be helpful to manage embedded capacities and secure your data for entire organization.
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