• Softweb Solutions becomes an implementation partner for Autodesk’s Fusion Connect

    Dec 12th, 2016

    [Chicago, IL] - [December 12, 2016] - Softweb Solutions, one of the leading tech companies in Chicago, is now a customer solution integrator for Autodesk’s Io...

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  • Softweb Solutions delivers smart inventory session at Elmhurst College

    Oct 28th, 2016

    October 28, 2016, Chicago, IL - The Knowledge Initiative group of Softweb Solutions has delivered a session on smart inventory management to the students pursui...

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  • Softweb Solutions is amongst the top 50 digital companies in Chicago for the 3rd year running!

    Oct 14th, 2016

    Oct 14th, 2016, Chicago, Illinois - Softweb Solutions is 37th out of 3,900+ digital companies in Chicago according to Built In Chicago. The online community’...

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  • iConnect, the beacon management platform, now supports Eddystone

    Aug 19th, 2016

    Our recent partnership with Sensoro, one of the largest beacon manufacturers across the globe, puts us in a position from where we can handle large-scale deploy...

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  • Softweb Solutions is participating in Chicago Fest 2016

    Aug 10th, 2016

    [Chicago, IL] - [August 10, 2016] - Softweb Solutions is one of the sponsors of Chicago Fest to be held on Wednesday, August 17, 2016 at Revel Fulton Market. Ch...

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  • Softweb Solutions announces a free webinar on recommender systems for retailers

    Jun 14th, 2016

    This exclusive webinar will highlight the importance of recommender systems which improve retail sales and customer experiences. June 10, 2016, Chicago, IL: Wi...

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  • ITA IoT Council Inventory Highlights Softweb Solutions’ Leadership in the Internet of Things

    Apr 18th, 2016

    [Chicago, IL] – [April 18, 2016] – Softweb Solutions is pleased to announce its inclusion in the Illinois Technology Association’s (ITA) Midwest IoT Inven...

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  • Softweb Solutions ranked #7 in the list of nationwide top 10 mobile app design firms

    Mar 8th, 2016

    March 3, 2016, Chicago, Illinois – TDF has ranked Softweb Solutions at #7 in the list of the nationwide top 10 mobile app design firms. For March 2016, the r...

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  • Softweb Solutions unwrapped its revamped website this week with new offerings

    Feb 24th, 2016

    Softweb Solutions is pleased to announce the launch of its newly revamped website www.softwebsolutions.com with an aim of providing a user friendly-browsing exp...

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  • Softweb Solutions becomes Microsoft Azure IoT Partner

    Jan 18th, 2016

    Chicago, Illinois – Softweb Solutions Inc., is now a Microsoft Azure IoT Partner, joining a small group of companies that have been recognized for their excel...

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  • Softweb Solutions launches Smart Office Solution for a Smarter Workplace

    Jul 27th, 2015

    Softweb Solutions Inc. announced its Smart Office Solution for small, medium, and big enterprise businesses by implementing sensors, Internet, and Cloud technology to develop and create a smart working culture in the workplace.

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  • How Smart, Connected Things are Transforming Our World: Lifestyle & Businesses

    Jul 13th, 2015

    Information technology is revolutionizing everything — yes everything — around us. From enterprise-level businesses to our day-to-day life, processes have become simple, connected and instant.

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