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Open source technology has received lots of accolades from developers. It is received very positively by major organizations.

One widely prevailing notion that price is the only advantage open source software holds, is wrong. In the current year, we have seen four big open source stories unfold to prove the fact, which are:

  • The rise of Android
  • Rising competition amongst different internet browsers
  • Increasing profits of Red Hat (a die-hard open source user)
  • The end of public open source Rivalry (Novell and Sun Microsystems losing their independence only Red Hat is standing as a public)

Open source technologies are highly beneficial to the organizations of any size and any domain.  They are as follows:

  • Security: The biggest advantage of open source technology is it is open to public view. Hence, if there are minor flaws or bugs in the code prepared, they can be tested upfront and fixed immediately. Whereas in case of closed source technology, it is very difficult for organizations to fix the errors in the code because the product is available worldwide and the organization has limited set of developers and testers to scrutinize and correct the flaws. A good example in this case is of Microsoft. It takes weeks if not months for the organization to discover any flaw in the product. A recent example of it is Internet Explorer zero-day flaw.
  • Quality: Open source technology is developed by thousands of developers. There are countless number of developers working on the same software package so, the probability of improved features and enhanced product increases. Open source technologies enable developers to create products closest to the user’s needs because the users also have a hand in developing these products. This is one of the prime reasons for organizations to select open source technology.
  • Customization: Developers can use the same code used for different projects since, the codes can be re-used. This helps them in completing their tasks quickly. They can even modify the codes as per their needs
  • Interoperability: Open source technology complies with open source standards. It does not limit users to proprietary data formats. Hence, organizations have the freedom of exchanging important details with other businesses, computers, and users without any restrictions.
  • Audit ability: In closed source software, vendors proclaim that they are keeping the software secure and according to standards. But there is no way to check whether they are doing the needful. But in case of open source software, the codes are visible to all and hence, the organization is at a better stage to see whether the standards are followed or not.

Open source technology has created a rampage in the software development world. Many reputed companies around the world have integrated open source technologies in their businesses. If you also wish to be a part of this revelation contact an expert open source application developer now at: and learn more about our open source services.

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