A Versatile Platform for Web Development: jQuery

Website development has reached its zenith and technological advancements support to develop varied websites in an innovative style.

There are many tools available to developers for their web development projects. Different enterprises come up with varied web development requirements which compel developers to adopt different technological resources. One such tool is jQuery framework that enables to build high-quality websites and provides the best performance.

jQuery is a precise form of JavaScript library which helps in the combination of both JavaScript and HTML. It brings the unlimited features of both JavaScript and HTML and contributes to rich web development. jQuery programming helps to add rich animation and high interactivity to simple websites, thus enhancing its usability. It accounts for smooth and quick navigation around documents and is considered to be the best alternative to Flash. It is definitely a versatile platform that enables developers to build classy websites with precision and ease.

jQuery Mobile:

The mobile version of jQuery is a touch-optimized web framework compatible with a wide variety of smartphones and computer tablets.  It works well with Android, iOS and Blackerry phones offering an optimized user-experience. This platform enables to create attractive apps for mobile, bringing all the innovative features to the field of mobile app development. It enables developers to write the code once and run it on different platforms. This saves the developmental time and enables developers to complete multiple web development projects within a fixed time-span. It enables to create mobile-friendly websites and apps that can enchant the user with its features.

jQuery platform Advantages

  • It is a reliable and robust framework for web development. It offers rich features and wide functionality for developing rich applications.
  • jQuery provides an incredible user interface and a number of plug-ins to create a variety of functions. It also makes available plenty of free programs and enables developers to increase their working on this platform. Developers enjoy working with jQuery as it offers great ease and accuracy in web development.
  • jQuery Ajax is another tool which enables developers to make fresh content uploads onto a web page. It provides a great user-experience and an incredibly functioning website.
  • This framework is SEO- friendly. Websites developed on this platform tend to rank higher among the major search engines like Google, giving it a competitive edge. SEO is important as it enables users to easily find the website and increases the web traffic towards the business.
  • jQuery is known for rapid and speedy web development. It is important to be competitive in the area of web development as more and more businesses opt to go online. Building creative and innovative websites is what attracts attention and draws more people.

jQuery is the ideal platform for developing high-quality solutions that provide a cutting-edge over business rivals. It has features that enchant the users and enable developers to work smoothly and build apps innovatively. It is widely used in recent times and there is a constant growth in the use of jQuery among the developer community.

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