Quality Practices

Quality Practices

For Softweb, continuous process improvement is a way of life. Adherence to world's most rigorous quality standards enables us to achieve unsurpassed accuracy, consistent deliver, high productivity, and very low defect levels.

Quality in everything we do is a way of life for us. We are process-oriented organization and our processes have evolved over the years.

We at Softweb are committed to the continuous quality improvement of the services we provide to our clients. Under the direction of the Quality Steering Committee, Softweb shall establish and review quality objectives and the improvement initiatives. The Quality Steering Committee shall have the full support of Softweb's leadership to implement quality improvement initiatives and objectives to achieve continuous quality improvement.

Softweb offers customized Product/Application development services to meet your specific business needs. Our solutions are based on cutting-edge technologies and can be integrated into any existing IT environment or adjusted to your mainframe system. We take an individual approach to unique and complex IT challenges. This may involve analysis and elaboration of your business needs for a projected system.

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