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ePublishing is the future of publishing. Publishers cannot afford to get left behind in this digital revolution that is changing how consumers purchase and interact with books.

Books, magazines and newspapers are increasingly being marketed, distributed and read on PCs, tablets and mobile devices now. Readers want their books to be accessible anytime and anyplace. This means delivering your content to them on a digital platform.

Mobile and Tablet devices App

With our digital solutions for your customers, you can:

  • Engage your audience by giving them the ability of instant viewing and browsing.
  • Provide zoom in capability and flexible views for comfortable reading.
  • Giver readers the ability to skip and select chapters or mark them as favorite.
  • Create audio versions of your content.

You can offer unique experiences to your readers with our interactive apps which have voice support and full color pages. Softweb offers publishing solutions through apps encompassing features such as mobile bookstalls, libraries, subscriptions, downloads, advertising, ratings and reviews, audio, video, animation add-ons and a lot more.

Softweb Solutions can help you get a slice of the digital publishing market by working with you in developing innovative solutions. When you work with us, you get:

  1. Cost-effective solutions: Developing a mobile app is a very cost-effective solution. If you are not sure as to what kind of mobile app you want or how it will look, our mobile prototype process will give you a prototype in just two weeks.
  2. Monetize your media content: Our experienced technical and marketing teams can help you implement the right technology and design to ensure that your website and mobile app don’t get lost in the crowd and give your readers an excellent experience.
  3. Digital platform for the B2C market: If you don’t want to be dependent on other digital retailers when it comes to selling your books, then Softweb Solutions can help you develop an online presence with your own bookstore.
  4. Efficient supply chain: Publishers stepping into digital publishing can also take advantage of our mobile CRM solutions. Our mobility solutions cover all the core business requirements such as inventory management, supply chain management, logistics and fleet management and sales apps.

Solutions Offered

We have developed several solutions that can be quickly implemented into your IT landscape. Start using them to increase your organization’s efficiency.

  • CRM software
  • Mobile sales applications
  • Cloud based services
  • eCommerce solutions
  • Mobile marketing systems
  • Inventory management
  • BI and Data visualization system
  • Dashboard and reporting applications
  • and many more


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