Beacon-enabled mobile app for ShopperTrak

Remote patient monitoring system to improve healthcare

Better sales performance with SAP and Salesforce integration

Smart Glass app for warehouse product pickup management

  • Pictures can be captured and shared through the server.
  • App understands voice commands to accelerate the process.
  • Augmented interface for seamless presentation of information.
  • It makes it easy for field workers to organize the movement of the product.
  • Users can view the product-related summary anywhere to rectify errors, if any.
  • Sends details to the backend system using customized web services from the WMS.

Providing real-time data with the Internet of Things

  • Automated communication process
  • Web service enhancement – CSV generation of sensor values
  • Data gathering for further analysis
  • Remote measurement and operations
  • Customizations – Template based designs for each customer
  • Significant reduction in time taken to fetch information from various sensors
  • Recommended and relevant products – Hydrology, Meteorology, Tides / Oceans, Aviation, Air Quality, Dam Safety Systems

Smart factory solution using IoTConnect

  • Device management and role-based access
  • Easier temperature regulation due to mobile / web access
  • Sensors collect data which is presented visually for analysis
  • Reduced installation costs with the help of low cost sensors
  • Reduced energy consumption and resultant cost due to data analysis
  • Mobile / web access to equipment information reduces maintenance costs
  • Smart parking solution saves at least 40 hours of cumulative employee time per day

Smart factory that accelerates industry 4.0 initiatives

  • The sensors for humidity, temperature, light, noise, vibration and volatile organic compounds were installed throughout the factory.
  • The data is transmitted and stored in the cloud using Microsoft Azure services.
  • Factory employees can see the data and alerts on their mobile app.
  • The R Analytics gives the company predictive analysis, which results in automated decision making.

Better sales performance with SAP and Salesforce integration

  • Improves customer relationship
  • All data is secured and backed up
  • Ability to calculate basic pricing, estimated usage, proposal, and financing done per year
  • Displays comprehensive results on net sales, gross profit, net profit, and net margin
  • Displays approval process according to higher authority personnel within the organization

OBD II Diagnostic that displays a car’s performance

  • Users get a clear idea about the issue vehicle is experiencing.
  • Get an update about code definition, explanation, and possible causes.
  • Check for Technical Service Bulletins (TSB) /Recalls.
  • Shows vehicle list even when the dongle is disconnected.
  • User can browse the application to view Help and other sections.
  • An encrypted local database ensures more data safety.

Remote access and configuration application

  • The configuration of the device can be done anytime and from anywhere
  • Useful to monitor and control complete data
  • Remote connection with the device
  • Different IP numbers for each ABB X Series device

Building a supplychain bot to improve an end-to-end manufacturing process

  • Bots streamline work process
  • Employees get access to information easily
  • Real-time status updates facilitate supply chain management
  • Minimized wastage of raw materials
  • Improved communication between workers from different departments
  • Automation of monotonous tasks helps save time
  • Bots can update and send reports for inventory and purchase orders