Beacon-enabled mobile app for ShopperTrak

Remote patient monitoring system to improve healthcare

Better sales performance with SAP and Salesforce integration

Smart health monitoring solution using IoTConnect

  • Remotely monitor high-risk pregnancies
  • Suggest course-corrective treatment in real-time
  • Instant alerts for abnormal fetal heart rate
  • Data saved on the cloud is easily accessible

Beacon-enabled mobile app for ShopperTrak

  • Mobile application for shoppers to view offers and personalized messages
  • The core logic resides within the app, meaning users can use it offline
  • Quick map view to locate the shops and offers
  • Common SDK to support multiple beacon SDKs
  • Registration API triggers are based on time, location, dwell time and frequency of the visitors
  • Advanced campaign management tool
  • Content management system to configure beacons and manage offers and notifications

Command and control application for an emergency siren alarm system

  • GIS Integration
  • User based access to app: Operator & end-user
  • Configure events & alerts
  • Push notification based on set alerts
  • Complete, secure activation and status update
  • Gauges for RTU status
  • Display CCU Heartbeat

Mobile solution that enables to display products on-the-go in a professionl way

  • Easy-to-browse GoTo products offline access to data
  • Auto sync capabilities
  • View helpful product videos on iPad
  • Download Technical Specifications and PDFs
  • Build product lists and send e-mail

Digital and mobile platform integrated with CMS

  • Multi-site capabilities
  • Multilingual facility
  • Content reusability & content versioning
  • Content scheduling, expiration, and archiving
  • Integrating third party tools on websites
  • Displaying content on websites in well-organized manner

Remote patient monitoring system to improve healthcare

  • Automatic fall detection
  • Triggers an emergency call with locations details
  • Notifications for caregiver
  • Medicine reminders
  • Safe zone for dementia patients
  • Activity Reports
  • One touch 911 dialer

Web-based product configurator software that streamlines engineering and quotation

  • Product configurator app
  • Smart product catalog
  • Drop-down menus and point-and-click features
  • Built-in intelligence for highly specific product choices
  • 3D PDF documentation
  • SAP integration

Developing an enterprise B2B portal development for efficient inventory and order management

  • Improves customer relationship
  • All data is secured and backed up
  • Ability to calculate basic pricing, estimated usage, proposal, and financing done per year
  • Displays comprehensive results on net sales, gross profit, net profit, and net margin
  • Displays approval process according to higher authority personnel within the organization