Beacon-enabled mobile app for ShopperTrak

Remote patient monitoring system to improve healthcare

Better sales performance with SAP and Salesforce integration

Mobile fleet management solution

  • Facilitates drivers with multi-featured dashboard
  • Helps to locate authorized service center
  • Integrated with Google Maps
  • Ease of managing and tracking vehicles/fleet
  • Roadside assistance

Customer engagement platform to prove greater marketing impact

  • Location based Store Finder
  • Social media engagement
  • Sugar CRM integration
  • Spreads brand awareness
  • Drupal CMS for easy site management
  • Responsive design for mobile devices
  • Analytics to measure performance

Product cross-reference to make product information easily accessible

  • FSIP now has a presence on the iOS and Android platforms to increase its brand loyalty
  • The app provides end-to-end catalog management.
  • The company's products are now in a good position with respect to its competitors because of the cross-reference ability.
  • Stay engaged with truck operators.

Enterprise sales app with augmented reality

  • Basic and advanced search capabilities
  • Secure system and programming
  • Complete control over catalog management
  • User-friendly back end control panel
  • 2D and 3D CAD Downloads
  • Instant creation of printer friendly PDF product pages
  • Compare products from other manufacturers’ part numbers
  • Technical and client support

Mobile solution that enables to display products on-the-go in a professionl way

  • Easy-to-browse GoTo products offline access to data
  • Auto sync capabilities
  • View helpful product videos on iPad
  • Download Technical Specifications and PDFs
  • Build product lists and send e-mail

SharePoint and Office 365 based portal for a leading pharmacy chain

  • Category-wise forums
  • Responsive design for mobile devices
  • Microsoft Outlook account management
  • Windows style file structure for simplicity

Providing an enterprise reporting and analytics solution with logi analytics

  • Identify flaws and take corrective action quickly
  • Export reports and share with team mates
  • Seamless integration with other modules
  • Scheduler feature enables to archive, share and categorize any report
  • Reporting is now at client’s fingertips

Building a supplychain bot to improve an end-to-end manufacturing process

  • Bots streamline work process
  • Employees get access to information easily
  • Real-time status updates facilitate supply chain management
  • Minimized wastage of raw materials
  • Improved communication between workers from different departments
  • Automation of monotonous tasks helps save time
  • Bots can update and send reports for inventory and purchase orders