Contextual marketing platform for Smart Cafe management

  • User management
  • Campaigns
  • Beacons
  • Branch
  • Store map upload
  • Hotel area booking
  • Reports
  • Content management

IoT solution for electronic fetal heart monitoring

  • Remotely monitor high-risk pregnancies
  • Suggest course-corrective treatment in real-time
  • Instant alerts for abnormal fetal heart rate
  • Data saved on the cloud is easily accessible

Building an Enterprise Sales App for Customer Relationship Management

  • Access CRM app solutions from anywhere
  • Improves sales follow-up accuracy
  • Create, view, and update records from your handheld devices
  • Instant email notifications to improve customer’s satisfaction
  • Receive instant email notifications relevant to your sales activities
  • Enhances customer interactions and prospects nearby your current location
  • Users can find their nearby customers and get the directions from the address information

Developing a Smart Glass app for warehouse product pickup management

  • Pictures can be captured and shared through the server.
  • App understands voice commands to accelerate the process.
  • Augmented interface for seamless presentation of information.
  • It makes it easy for field workers to organize the movement of the product.
  • Users can view the product-related summary anywhere to rectify errors, if any.
  • Sends details to the backend system using customized web services from the WMS.

Campaign app for one of the largest credit unions in the U.S.

  • Users can create events and view previous and future events
  • They can also edit events by uploading document and image .
  • Menu includes ATM locator, rates, online banking, mobile banking, calculator, special offers, etc.
  • In Kiosk mode, customers can enter the information
  • Executives of the company review the customer information after the event

Developed a SharePoint intranet portal for the Heartware

  • Ability to carry out its internal operations proficiently.
  • Provides all the company related information to the employees.
  • Maintain record of employees’ information for internal use.
  • Share news with all employees using a common platform.

A Remote Access Solution for an Engineering Firm’s Popular Product Line

  • The configuration of the device can be done anytime and from anywhere
  • Useful to monitor and control complete data
  • Remote connection with the device
  • Different IP numbers for each ABB X Series device

Enterprise Sales App with Salesforce Integration

  • Improves customer relationship
  • All data is secured and backed up
  • Ability to calculate basic pricing, estimated usage, proposal, and financing done per year
  • Displays comprehensive results on net sales, gross profit, net profit, and net margin
  • Displays approval process according to higher authority personnel within the organization