Beacon-enabled mobile app for ShopperTrak

Remote patient monitoring system to improve healthcare

Better sales performance with SAP and Salesforce integration

Building a supplychain bot to improve an end-to-end manufacturing process

  • Bots streamline work process
  • Employees get access to information easily
  • Real-time status updates facilitate supply chain management
  • Minimized wastage of raw materials
  • Improved communication between workers from different departments
  • Automation of monotonous tasks helps save time
  • Bots can update and send reports for inventory and purchase orders

Field service management solution that optimizes field service operations

  • Get real-time insight
  • Effortless task scheduling
  • Assign and update call status on-the-move
  • Integrated GPS and location finder
  • Offline access

Activity tracker app for wellness programs

  • Set daily step goals and track your progress over time
  • Sync activity tracker directly with the Android app
  • See badges earned and compare buddies stats
  • Quickly view progress toward personal and program goal
  • Sort food into meals, and monitor calories burned versus calories consumed

Smart reporting and analytics solution for the dairy industry

  • This app helps to store all data on different dairies and access it while on the move
  • Integration with 3D-image view option helps experts to study the equipment used in the dairies
  • Relevant analysis report can be instantly availed through the app
  • E-mail the final analysis report to owners or others immediately from the app
  • Setup cloud hosting on AWS for the client

Award-winning radar detector app for drivers

  • All radar and laser alerts are displayed on the iPhone.
  • Automatically provides accurate electronic speed and direction headings.
  • Gives the ability to configure the iRadar unit through the smartphone.
  • Access to the iRadar Community to share alerts and locations in real time.
  • Access to the database of verified camera locations.

Innovative mobile sales application to showcase products on-the-go

  • Users have access to information on over 90 different Molex product families
  • View product information, details, and search for specific products with ease and accuracy
  • Advanced search function to quickly locate any of Molex’s products
  • App incorporates product videos for clear understanding of the product operations
  • Enables Molex’s marketing team to make an effective presentation

Smart health monitoring solution using IoTConnect

  • Remotely monitor high-risk pregnancies
  • Suggest course-corrective treatment in real-time
  • Instant alerts for abnormal fetal heart rate
  • Data saved on the cloud is easily accessible

Beacon-enabled mobile app for ShopperTrak

  • Mobile application for shoppers to view offers and personalized messages
  • The core logic resides within the app, meaning users can use it offline
  • Quick map view to locate the shops and offers
  • Common SDK to support multiple beacon SDKs
  • Registration API triggers are based on time, location, dwell time and frequency of the visitors
  • Advanced campaign management tool
  • Content management system to configure beacons and manage offers and notifications