PHP website for travel industry

Delivering a novel and mobile-friendly website for a well-known marketing company

Concierge Preferred is a publishing and marketing company with strong roots in the Chicago and St Louis visitor and hospitality industries. They selected us to create for them a new and fresh website that would integrate proper content layouts into their site. In addition, they also wanted to integrate OpenX server, through which they could easily manage and maximize their advertising revenue. The main goal of the client was to offer "Expert Insight. Better Travel" to all visitors to their website, blog, and the widely distributed print magazine.

At a Glance

  • Hotels + Drink & Cuisine Finder
  • City info and things to do in the city
  • Tweets & blogs
  • Event calendar & sponsors
  • Theme based search & neighborhood

Solution Provided

The client wanted us to redevelop their website giving a totally fresh look and feel, with added features. We revamped the old website thoroughly and created a fresh and attractive portal, full of rich and engaging content.

  • Used Joomla framework to revamp the website
  • Delivered an efficient directory search process
  • Integrated OpenX server with Joomla
  • Integrated OpenX server to create outstanding reports
  • Provided a functionality whereby the EVENTS option shows the results produced

Technology Environments

  • Technology: PHP
  • CMS: Joomla
  • Database: MySQL
  • Operating System : Linux
  • Framework: MVC
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