Highly Interactive App for Pro-Life Movement

User- Friendly Application for Clergies Clergies User- Friendly Application iPFLUser- Friendly Application for Clergies

User- Friendly Application for Clergies to take their Pro-life Movement Further

The client had started rigorous movement to galvanize the clergy to preach, teach, and mobilize their people more effectively for the efforts to end abortion and euthanasia. For their pro-life movement, they were seeking for an application which can be used by the people anywhere and everywhere.

They wanted Softweb to deliver an innovative app that supports the iPhone and iPad platforms. It had to be user- friendly and simple to understand.

liturgical calendar application

Amazing App with the Mission of Ending Abortion and Euthanasia

At a Glance

  • Helps to spread message of ending abortion and euthanasia
  • Provides complete information to clergy
  • Includes three sets of resources – prayers, bulletin insert, and sermon notes
  • Assists clergy to preach, teach, and pray
  • Enables the clergy to organize their schedule for the day
liturgical calendar application
calendar application

Solution Provided

Being a technology services provider, we offered an amazing liturgical calendar application that helps the priests to make the effort to end abortion and euthanasia and to take their pro-life movement further.

  • We offered an application that could reach and enrich every aspect of the pro-life movement, for clergy and laity alike.
  • The application helps the clergy to preach, teach, and pray about the pro-life message based on the readings assigned to each Sunday in the three-year cycle of the lectionary
  • It enables the church to accomplish the mission of spreading awareness
  • Simple and easy-to-use app enables nontechnical users to operate it effortlessly.

Technology Environments

  • Platform: iOS
  • Architecture - MVC
  • Framework: SDK 3.x
  • Programming language: Objective C
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