Call Sheet for Filmmaker

Developing a powerful paperless call sheet for a reputed commercial director/photographer

The client is one of the most successful commercial directors/photographers and an independent feature filmmaker who has shot and directed music videos, high-profile commercial/print campaigns, films, and documentaries. He selected Softweb Solutions to create a highly advanced paperless call sheet. Our goal was to deliver a powerful portal that could be used to create and publish call sheets.

At a Glance

  • Call sheet publishing
  • Notification alert
  • Archive to personal database
  • Crew finder
  • Based on powerful technology of Ruby on Rails
  • Enables film makers to create, publish, and verify call sheets

Solution Provided

Considering the needs of the client, we delivered a call sheet that was specifically created for filmmakers, photographers, and creators. Analyzing the requirements, we developed a feature- rich portal that would serve all our client’s needs.

  • Softweb build a powerful portal.
  • Publishes call sheets using email, text, and phone messaging.
  • Archives call sheets in a personal myCalltime database.
  • Searches and hires crew members using the myCalltime crew finder.
  • myCalltime also saves time & money and increases crew accountability.

Technology Environments

  • Platform: Linux Ubantu
  • Languages: Ruby
  • Framework: Rails
  • Database: MySQL
  • Architecture: MVC

What Our Client Say

We love hearing from our clients

I am very lucky to have found Softweb Solutions. They have been and continue to be excellent partners. I contracted Softweb Solutions to build a highly complex website for use in film and television production. Realizing myCalltime has required fresh out of the box thinking. Along the way there have been many technical hurdles to overcome and the Softweb team has been very efficient and creative in solving the problems. Communicating has been excellent throughout the process and I look forwards to a lasting relationship into the future.

- Neil Abramson

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