Shure is a manufacturer of consumer and professional audio products with a wide product range. Its extensive product range meant that its sales team had to carry different brochures and multiple copies. Shure’s sales reps needed a way to display the company’s extensive range of consumer and professional audio products to its customers. The iOS product catalog app that we created for Shure has helped the company to cut down on printing costs and also helps the salesperson in taking orders. By working closely with Shure, we delivered an app experience that has made the job of Shure’s sales team easier.

At a Glance

  • Attractive display of the entire product range
  • Interactive product presentations for the customers
  • Sync ability ensures up-to-date app
  • Take customer orders with this app
  • Delivers immediate feedback from customers
  • Easy and quick execution of the transactions

Mobile Sales Enablement: Enable Sales Team with the Right Tools

Mobile has changed the way companies do business. You need to provide exactly what the buyer needs for higher sales numbers.
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