Mersen is a global expert in materials and equipment for extreme environments and for the safety and reliability of electrical equipment. They wanted an app with a brush survey feature, which includes pictures, machine info, brush description, etc. The feature should facilitate the user to describe the brushes by taking pictures and answering a couple of questions after downloading the app and registering for it. We created the app which now let’s Mersen’s engineering and operations departments get business insights based on informational surveys.

At a Glance

  • User can instantly retrieve survey results and authenticate data accuracy.
  • Admin has the rights to add/subtract any primary or secondary data.
  • Conduct surveys based on different parameters.
  • Comprehensive and accurate results without data entry.
  • Business insights based on the survey analysis results.
  • The user can preview complete simulation.
Case Study

Mobile Survey App for Data Collection of Electrical Engineering Department

Mersen wanted a brush survey feature which includes pictures, machine info, brush description, etc.
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