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Assets Management System rich user interface PHP application development

Assets Management and Media Management System using Flex

The front end client ROQLogics wanted Softweb to develop a tool with rich user interface for Nikken nTouch Media Centre. Nikken wished to extend the user experience and interface accessibility of its existing PHP application.

Utilizing this, the users would create slideshows, e-cards and videos adding customized audios, photos, graphics and text and publish it on web; or email to the other users. The main motive of Nikken was to offer a chance to the professionals to present their effective business information in a most alluring manner.

At a Glance

  • Rich user interface that enables the media center to extend the user interface.
  • Enables to create customized slideshows, e-cards and videos and publish them on the web, or email them to other users.
  • Pre-built slideshows and e-cards, personal library, shared library, and a collection of videos, audios, and images that provide ample choice for the client’s customers.
  • Helps to increase the credibility of the organization.
Flex application integration
PHP API integration

Solution Provided

For developing a rich user interface, we worked on the existing PHP system and converted it into a powerful web based Flex application by integrating it to PHP API provided by client.

  • We have created different view of drag and drop control for all types of media.
  • The functionality is developed due to which the users can work on other areas while uploading the media and don't have to wait till it has been updated.
  • There is an image generating function which enables to generate slideshow/slide/e-card thumbnails and save them on server.

Technology Environments

  • Platform: Flex and PHP
  • Database: MySQL
  • Environment: Adobe Flex Builder 3 and JSON API
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