Mobile Solution for Electronic Medical Records

Tracking patient data on tablets -A mobile app for medicos

Medical professionals are in constant need of patient records/data while it is scattered all over. Reap the benefits of your EMR (Electronic Medical Records) needs using the mobile app that integrates data from your desired source.

At a Glance

  • Improves overall workflow of the organization
  • Enhances efficiency of staff members in their regular tasks
  • Supports all major tablet devices
  • Enables doctors to track information during emergencies
  • Facilitates quick decision making

Solution Provided

We designed and delivered a comprehensive EMR app supporting major tablet devices.

Highlights of the application are –

  • Easy user-interface
  • Enables doctors to quickly track complete information of specific patients to start with immediate medication
  • Enables doctors and other medical professionals to remotely conduct online conferences thru this app
  • Other activities that can be done are – scheduling for doctors, report generation, and much more.

Technology Environments

  • Platform: Android OS, iOS
  • Technology: Android SDK and Java
  • Third Party Tools: iText (Java PDF library)
  • Compatible With: iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad App
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