HeartWare is a medical devices company that helps patients with heart failure lead healthy and productive lives. The company needed a platform that could be used by its employees to collaborate, share knowledge, and communicate company information to a dispersed workforce. Softweb created an Intranet Portal on SharePoint to help a heart devices company achieve higher productivity.

At a Glance

  • Separate sections for different departments – clinical, financial, manufacturing, etc.
  • System easily uploads announcements for each department.
  • Employees can upload and share recent documents for instant knowledge access.
  • Includes department specific calendar and events section
  • Contains the contact information of other departments
  • Includes world news- RSS feeds and can redirect to external content.
  • It helps in knowledge sharing and quick communication

Importance of Enterprise Mobility Solution in Healthcare

Mobility in healthcare has taken off very well and there is so much happening in this regard.
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