Web-based Hospital Management System

Hospital Management System that Presents Scientific Information

The client is a leading Mission Hospital providing advanced medical treatment for needy patients. The hospital offers state-of-the-art treatment for various diseases & is at the forefront of providing outpatient as well as surgical interventions.

The hospital wished to have a web based HMS that was easy to navigate. Authorities knew how important their website was for patients and hundreds of visitors who regularly sought the latest medical information.

At a Glance

  • Easy to use and highly customer centric for hospitals.
  • Accesses patient reports, history & images across the hospital with great ease.
  • Includes search functionality to locate information quickly.
  • Physician database that provides information about doctors, departments, and treatments.
  • Supports audio/video files and seamlessly integrates the picture archiving system.

Solution Provided

The key website attributes provided by us were as follows -

  • Updated logo, professional, soothing and inviting design.
  • Organization of hundreds of pages of information for easy navigation.
  • An integrated site search feature to quickly locate information.
  • A content management system for managing website.
  • Distinctive Database to get their doctors information.
  • Information about various departments, treatments & services offered.

Technology Environments

  • Technology: PHP, Joomla
  • Framework: Apache
  • Database: MySQL Server
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