The client is a leading Mission Hospital providing advanced medical treatment for needy patients. They wanted to develop a customer centric, web-based HMS that would provide comprehensive, integrated information and simplify hospital management. We implemented an end-to-end mobile hospital management system for their staff and patients that provides comprehensive information about patient history, reports, physician database, etc. The website encourages frequent interaction and repeat visits which are desired in an efficient web-based Hospital Management System.

At a Glance

  • Easy to use and highly customer centric for hospitals
  • Accesses patient reports, history & images across the hospital with great ease
  • An integrated site search feature to quickly locate information
  • Distinctive database to get their doctors information
  • Information about various departments, treatments & services offered
  • Supports audio/video files and seamlessly integrates the picture archiving system
Case Study

A Comprehensive Hospital Management System to Simplify the Workflow

Mission Hospital wanted to manage large volume of information emerging from its several departments.
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