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Corporate Site development Enterprise Visibility Solutions Website with WCM website development for healthcare

Corporate Website with WCM

IntelligentInsites is a leader in providing Enterprise Visibility Solutions for the healthcare industry. The InSites Enterprise Visibility Platform improves the operational performance of healthcare organizations. It enhances safety, satisfaction, and the quality of life of its clients, as well as the people they serve.

We worked on the client's requirements and offered comprehensive solutions that provided insights to strengthen its impression in the market and also boost its overall brand image.

At a Glance

We designed three components-News & Events, Testimonials, and Partners, which greatly differentiates the IntelligentInsites Company from its competitors.

  • Custom testimonials with PDF uploading
  • Online webinars registration
  • News, Events, and Testimonials
  • Blog sections and RSS subscription
  • Video gallery and Social media integration
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Solution Provided

Softweb Solutions has developed a multi-faceted and technically advanced website for the client, which facilitates the organization’s goal to exhibit its services in the most effective manner.

  • We designed customized templates in Joomla and made the site look attractive.
  • The Partners component enabled them to view -various partners and their individual details.
  • A personalized News & Events component has been provided to upload their Press Releases and PDFs.
  • A customized Testimonial component with the ability to upload suitable PDFs and Images with different testimonials.

Technology Environments

  • Programming Language: Joomla, PHP
  • Web Server Application: Apache
  • Database: MySQL
  • Script Language: JQuery
  • Advanced Internet Technology: Web 2.0
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