Medical App on iPad

Breakthrough iPad App for Pain Prevention

The client wanted Softweb Solutions to create an easy to use application that would help people in the prevention of pain. They selected us because of our quality work and excellent reputation in the application development field. They wanted an application for the general public, physical therapists, and their patients that would include over 60 quality exercise videos, complete with narratives and written text instructions.

At a Glance

  • Includes videos with detailed description of the rationale behind the exercise
  • Instructions for 60 exercises and stretches for your entire body
  • High-quality video demonstration for each technique
  • Save a list of your favorite routines and exercises
  • Enables to find a licensed Physical Therapy practice in the US, based on location

Solution Provided

We delivered a solution that includes 60 quality videos where each video has a written text description with rationale for the exercise; and each video includes corresponding audio instructions that describe the technique as its being performed.

  • Instructions for 60 exercises and stretches for entire body
  • High quality video demonstration for each technique
  • No need of internet connection for downloading and installing videos
  • Allows to save a list of favorite exercise videos
  • Enhanced Search functionality

Technology Environments

  • Programming language: Objective C
  • Software Development Kit: SDK
  • Operating system: iOS
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