Plone CMS Solutions

Plone CMS Solutions

Plone is a free and open source Content Management System built on top of the Zope application server, which is an open source app server for building CMS, portals, customized apps, and internets. Plone CMS helps in managing information and administering content. It is backed by Plone Foundation. Plone Content Management System is available in a dual licensing scheme, GPL and a commercial license and the copyright is held by the Plone Foundation.

Our Plone Development Services:

  • Plone Support
  • Plone Upgradation
  • Plone + Salesforce
  • Plone Products

Plone can be used for any kind of websites, which include Internet Sites, web-shops, internal websites, and even blogs. Plone is well positioned and can be used as a document publishing system and also for groupware tool.

Features and Benefits of Plone Technology:

  • Flexible to use and adaptable workflow
  • High Usability and highly expandable
  • High alert security
  • Multilingual content support
  • WYSIWYG editing interface
  • Availability of tools to create and control basic HTML features
  • Excellent Template system
  • Easy Content Authority
  • Live Search feature
  • Possibility of Document Archiving and Versioning

Our project considerations:

  • Consider Project budget
  • Content nature and amount
  • Content contributors number
  • Approval workflow requirements
  • Web traffic volume number
  • Integration of content with other applications
  • Frequency of qualitative and quantitative content changes

Service that makes a difference:

  • Relationships with the core Plone development teams
  • Employees have been on the Plone Foundation board
  • Provide high quality development and integration services
  • Plone sites widely considered best-in-practice
  • Plone websites and intranets, including highly visible web assets
  • Employees regularly active at conferences and seminars
  • Most popular components and add-on products like EasySlideshow, SolrIndex, Lineage, Resonate, Get Paid, etc. are used.
  • Cooperation & Coordination with our customers to determine the best suited solution

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