Mobile Sales Applications

Mobile Sales Application

Mobile applications are getting highly competitive that attracts interest of many stakeholders. Equipping sales team with mobile devices and customized sales apps will help them perform better on the field. Compared to employees from other departments, the salespeople require mobile apps maximum serving them for increased number of sales.

  • Mobilize the sales force and give a boost to your Sales conversion.
  • Empower the sales staff to navigate like a pro with our interactive app
  • Deliver more engaging content & improved networking before, during, and after your tradeshow or sales meeting.

Equip your sales team with customized sales apps for better outcome


Product Catalog

An online product catalog of the company's products and services which allows sales team showcase in a better way

Images and Videos

Empower your salesperson to make a convincing presentation through clear product images and intuitive product videos

Offline Access

Let your sales team be in control all the time! Facilitates access to product catalog even in an offline mode

Dealer Locator

Locate company authorized dealers for products and services near you on Maps at your nearest distance.

Advance Search

Lookup for specific product on different specifications and endow the salesperson to quickly locate relevant data

Shopping Cart and Order Management

Keep your products accessible 24*7 and place instant orders from customers to accelerate sales

Business Benefits

The Best Presentation Tool

Improved Sales Performance

Eliminates Paperwork

Increased ROI

No More Printing Costs

Leverages New Mobile Technologies

Powered by Mobile Sales Applications

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Mobile App Scoping & Rapid Prototyping

If you have a great mobile app idea and you want to create a quick prototype, then Softweb can be your right business partner.

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