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Maximize the productivity and effectiveness of your field workers

Our mobile applications for field services automation provide your field workers with the appropriate knowledge and information at the service location, enabling them to efficiently solve the client’s service-related issues and boost their productivity and performance, while the app eliminates all paperwork.

If your business employs field workers for on-site services like repairing and maintenance, you are on the right page. Whichever types of field services you offer, our mobile field service solutions are bound to take your company to the next level!

Make Your Field Workers More Productive

Real-Time Insight

With our Field Services Management app, technicians get real-time insight into all the important details they require for effective field service management. The dashboard also makes it easy to centrally configure, track, and manage a field staff’s information. It also provides information about call details, available resources, and site location on the same page with real-time updates.

  • Makes all relevant details available on the same page
  • One-touch solution to manage field service better
  • Keeps technicians informed with recent updates
Real-Time Insight


With the automation process, the app makes dispatching of field technicians simple and straightforward. It eases complexities arising from assigning of tasks by gathering all the field service technicians’ information based on their geographical location, expertise or preferred customers.

  • Optimize the technicians routes to cut fuel and travel costs
  • Reduce time spent by managers on dispatching and scheduling
  • View pending or completed tasks with all information


Manage unexpected events and propose changes to the schedule to accommodate real-time situations. You can prioritize assigned work based on customer level, urgency, or priority. Mobile field service apps can automate the scheduling and dispatching processes based on parameters of your choice.

  • Schedule accurate information to field workers
  • Color coding options based on service urgency
  • Improve performance with automated scheduling


Locate Sites on the Map

The integrated map helps technicians view the location of each service request with pinpoint accuracy. It can also suggest optimal routes, which reduces the technician’s travel time. The management, on the other hand, can keep track of the service staff which will help increase their efficiency and diligence.

  • Integrated map on main page for easy access
  • Enables you to locate call sites on the map
  • Helps minimize the travel time and reduce expense
Locate Sites on the Map

Time Entry

This is a crucial feature that lets field service technicians record the time taken to carry out the desired service. It also lets the management measure the time taken by the technician for services catered to the client. Parts used, call charges and items serviced can also be noted for successful and quick billing.

  • Accurate record of technician’s service time
  • Log of detailed service related billing information
  • Measure the time taken by technician for performance evaluation
Time Entry

Work Order Management

This feature allows your staff to create and maintain relevant data contained in work orders. Technicians are notified of the services requested, while the app lists all related information like parts needed, items to service, priority and status of the service request. This real-time accurate information helps technicians make quick decisions and execute the job smartly and hassle free.

  • Hands-on service related information
  • Instant notifications of generated work order
  • Determine priority of the service request and status of ongoing job
Work Order Management

Complete Set of Features for your Field Service Automation

Business Benefits

Increase the productivity of your field workers

With our field service apps, your employees can get full access to customer and product information on the go.

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