Mobile Device Integration Services

What's the Need of Mobile Device Integration?

In today’s globalized world, the technological advancements have changed the face of the industry's world. Majority of the organizations are looking forward to extend enterprise mobile applications with the third party devices to optimize their workforce.

Mobile Device Integration Services

Majority of the employees and clients of the organization use mobile devices for carrying out their important tasks on the move. And so there is a need to integrate mobile apps with organization’s ERP app that helps to connect with mobile workforce.

Key Benefits from Mobile Device Integration

Boosts up Mobility

With mobile device integration employees can access features like – three way or more conferences, call recording, detailed usage reports, global remote access, and integration with other software and hardware programs.

Enhanced Customer Service

The mobility solutions help employees to know about the issues faced by a customer immediately which is useful to provide customer support.

Increases Business Productivity

Mobile Device Integration delivers mobility that keeps mobile workers connected to the business all the time from any kind of communication devices.

Broadens Compatibility with Other Devices

Employees and clients can use smartphones with any OS as well they can also access apps on iPads, or notebooks, desktop, etc.

Our Mobile Device Integration Services addressing following Industry Domains

Transportation Industry

  • Mobile apps with centralized control over operation and management
  • Integrated with external device for enhanced supervision
  • Integrated with third party device that included IP video
  • Includes GPS Location capture services to detect real-time location
Transportation Industry Solutions

Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Industry Mobile App
  • Useful to get medical records of all patients on the move
  • Mobile apps with in-built ePrescription capabilities
  • Billing solutions for Hospitals useful to organize and manage multiple bills
  • Provides facility to take fast decisions for immediate medical treatment to doctors

Hospitality Industry

  • Helps travel service companies to monitor business performance continuously
  • Useful for real-time search and booking for hotels, transportation, etc on the move
  • Mobile solutions integrated with online booking and reservation system
  • Includes other facilities like hotel reservations, billing, accounting, management, etc
Hospitality Industry
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  • Zuna Product Catalog App

    Carry all your Product Catalogs and Information

    Empower your Sales Team

    Mobilize your Enterprise to simplify all sales needs and to close business deals on the Go

  • Racana Document Management App

    Carry, Access, & Manage your Documents on the Move

    Keep Your File Management

    Manage your files with ease and keep important documents handy and accessible

  • Yamana Mobile Device Management

    Multi-platform Mobile Device Management Product

    Keeping your Data secure

    Secure, manipulate, and support a diverse fleet of devices in your organization

  • Upasana Mobile Field Service Solutions

    Mobile Field Service Solutions Optimizing Field Operations

    Customer Satisfaction With Mobility Advantage

    Empower your fieldworkers with Upasana, maximize their productivity, and optimize your service operations

  • Sthana Mobile Event Management Solution

    Easy-to-use & Powerful Event Management Mobile Solutions

    Custom Mobile Application for Events and Conferences

    Mobile event management solutions to effectively plan, manage, and schedule all your events, meetings, conferences, etc

Integrate mobile apps with your organization’s ERP system

Boost your employees’ productivity by integrating mobile solutions in a secure setting.

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