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Making the transition from an older IT setup to a modern one is now easier with Softweb’s Legacy Migration Services.

  • Enhanced functionality of applications
  • Better user experience
  • Benefits of new technologies
  • Cost-effective system functionalities
  • Overcome your current IT setup’s limitations
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Legacy Migration Services


Technology is inconsistent, as it evolves and tends to become outdated as time passes. If you want to have an edge over your competitors then enable yourself with advance technology and futuristic system. At softweb, you can get tailor made solution that is affordable and technologically advanced.

Our legacy software migration services

  • Migration to Multiple Databases
  • Application Server Migration
  • Application Reengineering
  • Migration to Web Platforms
  • Porting of Legacy Applications
  • Includes .NET, JAVA and Database Migration.

Why migrate or modernize

  • Enhanced business processes and productivity
  • Reduce Your cost of maintenance
  • Improved system maintenance and upgrading
  • Being able to adapt to changing business needs
  • More user friendly and requires less training to use

Automated Legacy Modernization

Automated Legacy Modernization

Automated conversion- A best Approach

When it comes to manual and automated conversion, a better approach is automated conversion due to its wide issues handling power. Automated Legacy Modernization is both tactical yet strategic.

Legacy Managment Graph

Strategic Automated Legacy Modernization

Improve business processes by replacing old solutions with advanced technologies.

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