jQuery Programming

jQuery Development Services

jQuery is a lightweight cross-browser JavaScript library that has instantly gained popularity due to its various benefits. It is a compact JavaScript Library that makes it easy to navigate a document, create animations and develop Ajax applications. It simplifies the development of web 2.0 applications. The simplicity and functionalities of jQuery has scored over Flash in recent time. jQuery provides a set of plug-ins, UI widgets, event-driven architecture, flexibility, and user-friendly designs.

Features of jQuery:

  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Extensibility through plug-ins
  • CSS manipulation
  • Advanced effects and animations
  • Rich effects and UI widgets
  • Flexible and easy to learn

Why Softweb for jQuery Programming?

Our jQuery designers and jQuery programmers develop the applications that can give rich user experience and remarkable interactivity. Along with jQuery development, our developers are also expert in building rich internet applications. Using jQuery with different platforms and frameworks, we offer feature-rich applications quickly and efficiently.

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