Wells Vehicle Electronics is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of electrical parts and components for vehicle manufacturers in North America. They wanted to develop a mobile application that would communicate with the dongle connected to a vehicle and facilitate a non-technical user to interpret DTCs (diagnostic trouble codes) that correspond to the fault. We created a mobile app called ‘GoTech™ Mobile OBDII Diagnostics Tool’ which pairs with the OBD-II dongle via a Bluetooth connection and fetches and displays information on the Faulty Codes and various Gauges, which allows the user to take preventive care. We also built a web admin feature where the admin users can log in to the application and manage the data related to a vehicle along with trouble code numbers, trouble code definition, trouble code explanation and its related causes.

At a Glance

  • User gets exact idea of the problem that the vehicle has encountered.
  • Application provides code definition, code explanation, and possible causes.
  • Export trouble codes at the time of incident.
  • Shows vehicle list even when dongle is disconnected.
  • An encrypted local database ensures more data safety.
  • User can browse the application to view Help and other sections.
  • Check for Technical Service Bulletins (TSB)/Recalls.

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