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With an overwhelming inflow of mobile applications in the market, hospitality industry is all set to take off. As travel and tourism industry grow rapidly, there is a need to deploy newer techniques to cope with the mounting pressure.

Mobility Solutions for Hospitality

Softweb provides solutions to various industries including hospitality business. Our mobile applications for hospitality business are designed to simplify the hospitality business. Our tailor made solutions are created keeping in mind the travel managers, hotels, transportation, travelers, and the hospitality staff etc. Get a variety of information on hotels/resorts, travel agents, transportation, travel fare, price comparisons, weather news, destinations, etc.

Hospitality Industry Solutions- General Features:

  • Solutions to provide personalized services to the holidaymakers.
  • Assists in monitoring the business performance continuously.
  • Real time search and booking for hotels, transportation, etc.
  • Improving your online reservation and booking system to increase the occupancy.
  • Users can check the status of their reservation, check availability, and find the hotels at specific places.
  • Efficient solution to improve hotel reservations, management, billing, accounting, accommodation, and all other facilities.

Softweb Provides:

  • Easily adaptable enterprise software to manage both standalone and chain hotels.
  • Single dashboard view to get convenient customer visibility.
  • Efficient management solutions for front –and back –office system.
  • Features to schedule, track, and report the housekeeping tasks.
  • Data integration and Business Intelligence (BI) features.
  • Travel and expense reporting tool to help those on official tours
  • We also have several other IT solutions for organizations. Learn more


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