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Organizations often feel the loss of productivity of their employees even with all the information and documents available within the organization. Relevant information is often difficult and time consuming to search for because of the information overload. SharePoint can help you resolve this problem with its enhanced search feature.

Microsoft SharePoint Enterprise Search provides extensive and extensible content gathering, indexing, and querying ability. This service supports full-text searching by using Structured Query Language (SQL-based) query syntax, and provides new keyword syntax to support keyword searches. Enterprise search in SharePoint enables users to find appropriate information more quickly and easily than ever before. Even developer can make the search experience easy by customization.

Key features of new and advanced SharePoint Search:

  • Phonetic search
  • Deep refinement
  • Visual search
  • Advanced linguistics
  • Getting right information
  • Enable Content Gathering
  • Querying ability enhanced
  • Easily customized as per your needs
  • Content-processing pipeline
  • Metadata extraction
  • Structured data search
  • Visual best bets with extreme scale and performance

Desktop Search

We offer Windows Desktop Search. Nevertheless, what will happen when the information is locked somewhere in portals or in shares? Enterprise Search Solution combines with desktop search with intranet search, making SharePoint a powerful search tool. It helps capture maximum relevant information for employees in minimal time.

The Enterprise Search

The Enterprise Search tool can integrate with SharePoint sites, web parts, SharePoint lists, people profiles, and more. This allows employees and information workers to gain access to relevant data swiftly. The Enterprise Search Solution enhances employee productivity as well as providing a wide scope for mining the data of the organization.

Through the Search tool, SharePoint offers unmatched functionality and allows users to work more efficiently. To leverage our SharePoint software development services, contact us at

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