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Enterprise Social Intranet Solutions

Enable your staff to easily and instantly share information with each other

Softweb Solutions helps you streamline your business and address those issues with our deployable and world-class Intranet solutions.

Our Enterprise Social Intranet Solutions offer you:

  • High performance, feature-rich portal
  • Convenient means for communication & collaboration
  • Strong corporate culture and value system
  • Secure, centralized information storage
  • A rich knowledge bank
  • User and access rights management
  • Eye-catching, interactive design
  • Easy integration with your working environment

Transparency, Communication, and Collaboration

At Softweb, we keep complete transparency from day one and, we work with our client to outline the right collaborative model, delivery method and custom solution to meet client’s unique business needs. Our communication lines are always open throughout your engagement via phone, email, or online chat.

Transparency, Communication, and Collaboration

Customized Management System

Our team works closely with you to understand the core requirements of your business in order to provide customized intranet solutions. We make sure that all the security related needs are being matched with our solutions.

Customized Management System

Flexible Model

Our flexible architecture and intranet model significantly decreases the total development time and efforts. The flexible data models and structures compared to legacy systems enable tremendously iterative development and design patterns, which cut the development time.

Flexible Model

Expertise & Experience

Softweb Solutions has extensive experience and expertise in designing, developing, and deploying robust, high-performing and professional intranet solutions for various organizational industry domains meeting all their needs and expectations.

Expertise & Experience



An Innovative Intranet Portal

A useful intranet portal to assist staff members organize their work efficiently and remain well- informed on important issues.

  • Separate sections for different departments – clinical, finance, manufacturing, etc.
  • Easily uploads announcements for each department
  • Employees can upload and share recent documents for instant knowledge access
  • Includes department wise calendar and events section
  • Contains the contact information of other organizations
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Developing a Collaborative, Social Intranet Portal for Holland LP

A highly collaborative intranet portal that enables new efficiencies and cohesion across client’s organization, keeping employees engaged and informed.

  • Corporate Communications
  • Rich content sharing
  • Document Collaboration
  • Authentication
  • Social Search
  • Smart Activity Streams
  • Analytics and Impact Metrics
  • Local Weather & News
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