Mobile Application Management

The Enterprise App Store has been designed to make it easy for both the IT department and managers to manage apps used by employees. The store has the complete functionality to address the lifecycle of apps, their distribution and protection of data.

Mobile App Management
  • Lifecycle Management

    Lifecycle Management

    Admins are able to view the available and installed apps, their versions and all relevant details right from their central admin console.

  • Integrated Device Management

    Integrated Device Management

    Admins can also enforce policies such as remote lock, data wipe, copy-paste protection and reset password to ensure that corporate data is not misused or shared inappropriately. The app store ensures compliance with corporate policies because of its advanced security settings.

  • Develop and Purchase Applications

    Develop and Purchase Applications

    The app store created by Softweb can also integrate with public app stores such as Google Play store, Apple App Store and Microsoft Store to allow access to public apps that have been green lighted by your IT team. The app store also supports the Apple Volume Purchase Program, which means that your organization can buy apps in bulk from the iTunes store.

  • App Security

    App Security

    Softweb Solutions gives admins the ability to create app whitelists, configure compliance policies without impacting user experience and restrict data loss with features such as user authentication, data encryption and data backup restrictions.

  • Feedback and Ratings

    Feedback and Ratings

    Your employees can also leave feedback on the apps and rate their experience. This helps in building better apps and each succeeding version of the app is more user-friendly leading to wider adoption.