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Enterprise App Stores (EAS) are increasingly playing a critical role in bringing mobility to the enterprise, one of the main reasons being how easy an EAS makes it for employees can find and install company approved or recommended apps for their work.

But creating and running an Enterprise App Store is different from the public app stores run by Apple or Google. Having your own EAS involves mobile app management behind the scenes and knowing what your particular company’s requirements are before building and integrating the app store.

Softweb Solutions has created an Enterprise App Store that incorporates the leading front-end technologies which gives enterprises more power into creating customized app stores for their workforce. You can manage every stage of the app’s lifecycle – from app onboarding, app inspection and protection to app deployment.

The apps created for the Enterprise App Store work perfectly in any iOS, Android or Windows smartphone or tablet. The apps can also be HTML5 based or hybrid apps depending on user requirements. The Enterprise App Store gives your employees professional apps that are as easy to use as consumer apps.

Mobile App Store

Softweb Solutions Enterprise App Store Provides -

  • Ability to build custom apps, links to third party apps and recommended public apps, hybrid apps, access to device profiles, email configuration profiles.

  • The applications contain screen shots, user feedback, ratings, release notes and documentation.

  • Admins can send app updates over the air. This makes updating and securing applications quick and easy.

  • A unified native app store that works on all major platforms – Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry in addition to web-based apps built on HTML5.

  • Companies can configure the app store as per their requirements and also brand it with their logos to give it a custom look.

  • User specific access can be granted, such as sales related apps for the sales department and accounting apps for accounting.

  • The app store supports Apple’s Volume Purchase Program so that enterprises can buy apps in bulk from the iTunes store and keep track of their purchases.

  • Single sign on (SSO) for users is provided through the enterprise authentication server. This secures the app store and users can sign in only with a user name and password.