Mobile App SecurityMobile App Security

With the Softweb Solutions Enterprise App Store, the corporate apps and data are protected with strong security capabilities that work across all platforms and devices. Softweb Solutions believes that for a mobile app to be secure, the security layer and protocols should not be exceedingly intrusive so the users don’t get frustrated with the policies and try to find a work-around, which could result in violating corporate IT policy.

Our app store is based on the approach of securing the end-point of the app instead of trying to control the device since it is better to have a granular IT control that is less intrusive to end users. Softweb Solutions provides SDK-free security for apps that utilize app wrapping without requiring any coding.

Enterprise Mobile App Security
  • Corporate Authentication – Requires users to enter their corporate logins before opening an app for use. Works on the single sign-on feature.

  • Data-at-Rest (DAR) protection - Our app store provides state of the art protection for the entire app and your local data with FIPS 140-2 encryption and Suite B algorithms. This means that your data is stored by the app without the need for encrypting the entire device. This results in preventing malware and rogue apps from accessing your corporate data

  • Data-in-motion (DIM) protection – The app store gives you the option of installing an app-level VPN which gives users an encrypted connection from the app to your corporate gateway to authenticate and prevent malware from spreading from a user’s device to the rest of the corporate network.

  • Data-in-action (DIA) protection – Admins can disable the copy-paste feature for apps to control data leakage and misuse.

  • App Disablement – One of the strongest security features of the app store is the ability to disable the app. The admin can either set a particular date or have a policy wherein the app only works for a certain amount of time (ideal for guest users). The data is wiped out from the app and the app will stop functioning.

  • Root protection and Jailbreak – The app can be disabled automatically if the app store detects that it is being run in a compromised state.

  • Location Masking – Prevents your apps from reporting their actual location, an added security feature.