Mobile App PoliciesMobile App Policies

All enterprises have their own unique corporate culture and way of working. This means that there cannot be a generic app store. Your needs are different, so your app store has to be customized for user role, location, guest access among several other things.

The Dynamic App Policy Framework created by Softweb Solutions provides customers with a diverse set of app wrapping policies so that admins can directly apply those policies to the apps and enforce specific behavior and functionality depending upon the business requirement.

App wrapping is the process using which a management layer is applied to a mobile app without any further changes to the underlying application. Our Enterprise App Store supports app wrapping, which means there is no coding, no SDK required to implement your mobile app policy.

Admins can make all the apps compliant simply by checking boxes and using a form-based interface. This means that even business managers and team leaders can implement IT policies based on user requirement. Policies can be stacked together for building robust security environments. The policies can even be dynamic, allowing instantaneous change without needing to re-sign or redistribute the app.

Enterprise Mobile App Policies

App Wrapping Policies from Softweb Solutions

  • Security policies

    Security policies

    Enterprise apps can be created to be self-protecting through policies such as FIPS 140-2 encryption, disabling copy- paste, corporate authentication, app disablement and expiration, app-level VPN, data wiping, geo-fencing, jailbreak detection and location masking.

  • Analytic policies

    Analytic policies

    Admins can monitor app usage with detailed insights into how they are being used, who is using a specific app and for how long. The dashboard displays all this information in a graphical easy to understand format.

  • Management policies

    Management policies

    User friendly policies help the admins and managers support users and keep apps up-to-date even in environments with a large number of users. The app remote control policy gives the admin the ability to take control of the app remotely for support or troubleshooting. The apps cans also be self-updated through version control and via forced updates if required.