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The educational system of a country defines the quality of its citizens. This is the reason that changes are accepted quickly. Each nation puts a lot of emphasize on adopting new techniques to make the learning process interesting for the kids. With the newest fad of adopting mobile devices in education, it shows an overwhelming response. Such innovations have actually made the classrooms livelier than ever!

Education Industry App development

What we are doing for the education industry

Administrative Functions Mobile solutions

have the potential to make the administration functions of an educational institute smooth and error-free.

Effective Classroom Interaction

Mobile apps designed specifically to enhance the learning experience can bring out the best in the students.

Interactive Learning Materials

Educators can distribute the learning material, and manage homework submissions in an organized fashion with mobile solutions.

Knowledge Assimilation

Mobile solutions help students to understand the concept better, facilitates knowledge retention positively, and improves the students’ performance.

Real-time interactivity

Real-time interactivity encourages an entirely dynamic learning environment for the kids. Armed with mobile or desktop devices, the students interact with each other in real-time which makes the whole process of learning extremely fun-filled and productive.

Mobilize the educational sector

Communication between the folks involved with the education system is a huge necessity. The mobile educational solution opens up a whole new process of enabling communication with administrators, teachers, students, and parents.

Our offerings for education industry addresses following business needs -

  • Online Class Management Solution

    Online Class Management Solution

    Our solution is to enable easy access and sharing of all academic information among faculty, students, and parents. They can perform an array of activities such as checking the grades of the students, upload assignments, and assess their performance.

  • Learning Management System

    Learning Management System

    Softweb educational solutions ensure real-time learning and training. The centralized and mobile attributes of our solution makes your admin process easier.

  • Content Management System for e-Learning

    Content Management System for e-Learning

    Softweb’s mobile education solutions provide a vibrant environment for e-learning through an efficient content management system.

  • Learning Apps

    Learning Apps for Tablets and Smartphone

    Softweb has designed a variety of learning apps for tablets and smartphones to make the learning process fun filled for the children.


Build educational apps that will inspire your students

Softweb can help you build apps that engage your students and make learning fun.

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