About Dynamix Framework

Dynamix is a middleware computing mobile framework enabling developers to model the user′s context using large collection of plug-ins that can be deployed on-demand during runtime. Dynamix framework is for Android and the standard Dynamix based apps are actually Android apps that incorporate extra context modeling functionality provided by a local Dynamix service.

The only mobile framework that supports all the major platforms

  • Dynamically supports Plug-in
  • Seamless integration
  • Supports multiple applications
  • Lightweight Middleware
  • Easy to use Framework

How it Works

Dynamix framework acts as a middleware between a device’s low level capabilities and a set of Dynamix based apps. It mediates the flow of context events using a subscription model that filters context info thru a Context Firewall.

Dynamix Features

An Open Source Development Framework for Building Innovative Mobile Apps

  • It has number of ready-made and usable plug-ins
  • It provides scalable repository architecture.
  • It provides streamlined set of Developer APIs
  • It Automatically and easily manages Context

Why Softweb Solutions ?

Softweb Solutions has a dedicated team of mobile application development designers and developers offering their expertise and creativity to build a customized applications using wide range of frameworks. Our team has excellent knowledge and experience in building a Dynamix framework based mobile application. Moreover, we use all latest trends and techniques for all our services following all industry standards.

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