Social Networking for your Enterprise based on SharePoint

Blogs, wikis, social networks & social media for your enterprise

SharePoint provides Web Parts that enable functionality for social computing, wikis, blogs, RSS feeds, e-mail integration, and task coordination. All of these components use information about your organization, communities, and electronic communications in Public My Site pages to help establish connections between colleagues with common interests.

SharePoint makes it possible for employees, partners, and suppliers to assemble and work together effectively. It introduces a greater level of communication and collaboration by helping employees find organizational resources, create tasks, content, and workflow, and to share all-important information by using wikis and/or blogs. Being a common platform, everyone associated with the organization can easily share ideas and benefit from a collective intellect.

Microsoft collaborative infrastructure allows users to create team sites and share documents within and beyond the boundaries of the organization.

Important Microsoft SharePoint collaboration benefits include

  • A collaborative infrastructure that keeps people connected and informed
  • Facilitates connection with data and business processes
  • Provides an opportunity to stay connected through portals
  • Manages the document life cycle with integrated ECM
  • Provides tools to deliver a set of social computing capabilities that enables users to take maximum advantage of the intelligence of the organization

Collaboration delivers technologies that empower your organization to:

  • Ease communicate with partners, suppliers and customers
  • Collaborate with self-serve systems, feedback loops and customer participation
  • Ease collaboration across traditional corporate boundaries

Softweb Solutions has rich experience in developing SharePoint that makes us competent in delivering top-notch solutions for the enterprises. We are recognized as a leader in providing custom SharePoint services.

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