Business Process and Workflow

SharePoint Workflow and Business Process Services

Microsoft SharePoint Server provides ready-to-use templates to approve, review and archive processes. It helps organizations create, maintain, and analyze custom workflows that can streamline their business processes. Using the InfoPath Forms Service technology, users can create browser-based forms and incorporate the data from organizations that do not use MS Office InfoPath.

Microsoft SharePoint Server impresses users with business processes and workflow features:

  • Built-in collaborative workflow templates enable users to streamline approval, review, and archiving processes
  • Streamlines business process applications through InfoPath forms, which congregate and validate the data that drives your workflows
  • Makes it easier for employees to submit their reports to appropriate departments
  • Increases the efficiency of employees, as they are able to monitor approval status
  • Connects seamlessly with Microsoft applications and third party products
  • Enables organizations to extend their reach to other businesses that do not use the InfoPath Forms Service Technology

SharePoint Server offers ready-to-use workflows for some of the most common business processes. It allows users to design custom workflows, including the steps and processes.

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