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Business Intelligence (BI) is a comprehensive tool, which helps businesses in making smart decisions in a premeditated and calculated manner. Business Intelligence solutions are used for plain reporting, performance management, dash boarding, and business analytics. It is a process by which information can be gathered, collated, and cleansed into a single place, so that it is easily made available anytime to whoever needs it to make critical decisions.

Benefits of Business Intelligence

  • Streamlined data collection process
  • Organized data warehouses
  • Accurate and pertinent information through dashboards
  • Cost effective process
  • Easy to prepare ad hocs and operational reports
  • Ability to evaluate internal processes of the organization
  • Track return on investment for the organization
  • Assists in identifying and retaining profitable clients

Our suite of business intelligence services includes

  • Data Storage and Management
  • Query, advanced Reporting and Analysis
  • Advanced forecasting
  • Information delivery

OLAP stands for On-Line Analytic Processing that refers to multidimensional databases and OLAP Cube is a set of data organized properly to facilitate non-predetermined and decision support queries for aggregate information. OLAP is a technique for analyzing business data for sales, finance, budget and many other types of apps that are collectively called Business Intelligence. It is described by dynamic multi-dimensional analysis of consolidated enterprise data supporting end user analytical and navigational activities that includes:

  • Slicing subsets for on-screen viewing
  • Drill-down to deeper levels of consolidation
  • Trend analysis over sequential periods
  • Reach-through to underlying detail data
  • Calculations and modeling applied across dimensions
  • Rotation to new dimensional comparisons in the viewing area

Data Mining is a process of shifting through a large amount of data in search of hidden patterns and predictive information by using statistical methods, modeling methods, machine learning, and some database technologies. OLAP and Data Mining are two complementary technologies and they both are key members of the BI technology family.

In our comprehensive BI solutions, we design OLAP Cube that provides enhanced analysis of your data and helps you to improve query performance. In our Data Mining phase, we analyze your complete data and then we use a form of artificial intelligence to find hidden patterns in your data. The results obtained from data mining are then used by us for many useful purposes.

With our Business Intelligence Solutions, we assure that huge benefits will be added in our client’s businesses. We have an experienced team of professionals who are Business intelligence technology experts and who are capable to deliver exceptional results.

We serve our BI Solutions in various industry domains having various requirements from data cleansing, data modeling, data warehousing to OLAP Cube and Data Mining.

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